Ben Interviews Jessica Nupen

Xenophobia in simple lay man’s terms is a deep-rooted, dislike and irrational hatred towards foreigners. Jessica Nupen, A South African who says NO to Xenophobia, explained in an interview with Topafric Radio’s Ben Kizomba Craig, why this was happening. She also explained who the likely perpetrators are and talked about how majority of South Africans are totally against it.


Miss Nupen explained that most of the perpetrators were the poor people of South Africa who are simply pointing their frustration towards the hard working foreigners for their misfortune.

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She said that even some South Africans businesses were looted and destroyed as well as the Foreign owned businesses.
Miss Nupen explained that the Zulu King had released a statement condemning this atrocity. The Zulu King was said to have released a statement urging people to attack foreigners but later retracted the statement saying that his original words had been taken out of context.


Jessica confidently said that there is a big solidarity of support amongst South Africans who are completely against these acts of terror. She concluded with an emphatic No to Xenophobia regardless of race, color, economic status or culture.

You can listen to the entire interview by watching the video below. In addition to the video, it will be aired on Topafric radio again this week.

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